it’s been a bit since my last post.  it’s been quite hectic since i left florence.  the fellow texan, jake, i met in venice and florence went with me to rome.  we were gonna stay a couple of nights and part ways.  it didn’t really turn out that way.  rome is a different kind of animal.

what to say about rome?  well i didn’t expect to be there as long as i was.  5 nights.  it was the most confusing leg of the trip so far.  jake and i started out in different hostels and we hit the first night pretty hard, meeting a group of austrian gals, some german gals, and a ton of american folk (started at the abbey theatre irish pub, then hit the streets and other bars in the campo dei fiori area).   we ended the night at around 6am with plans of meeting at 11am for a walking tour of rome.  well, since we were at diff hostels, this idea was ludicrous and surely enough we showed up at diff times to the meeting point and left with no way to contact each other.  so i head to the colloseum.  wow.  this place is pretty amazing.  and to imagine what it must have been like to gather and see people die here.  i snap some shots and move on.  now been wandering aimlessly thru the ridiculous crowds of people (for those wanting to see rome during easter week, be aware of this) for about 4 hours now.  not sure how i’m gonna meet up with my texas pal at this point in this huge city, i drag my tired, hungover feet to the metro and head back to the main station.  as i climb the last stairs from the metro, i hear a loud aussie gal chatting with an english speaking kid, and i turn to look.  and, wouldn’t ya know, jake.  what are the chances?  ah right…pretty good.  i guess texans think alike.  with all of the stops and turns and ups and downs and hours in between, ridiculous we ran into each other again.  the aussie (tara), jake and i are now together to experience the next four nights.

since everyone we met along the way likes to stay up late, the day times became less touristy you could say…so i’ll just summarize what i can remember:

moved to a campsite close to the beach (not close to the city, difficult to get to at night)

moved to another campsite and slept in a tent

slept in a boat on land

met kevin and his wonderful canadian family

got lost

never made it to bed earlier than 5 in the morning because i was lost every night

saw a lot of rome with no camera (charger is in germany)

asked for directions from two very sketchy dudes…thought i was gonna die…ugh, especially the one guy

spent too much money

laid out on the beach

walked 5 miles in the wrong direction, following the wrong signs

met a really chill chick from washington state

saw the vatican on easter sunday

stayed in a different place every night (don’t recommend this, makes the whole lost thing happen)

got bit by a bed bug.  bit the bed bug back.

danced.  sang karaoke.  danced.

played beer pong and lost

went to a seedy after hours bar

missed my flight.  slept in airport.

and now i’m in palermo, sicily.  resting.  it’s beautiful, even in the misty haze thats blanketing the city as i type.  a wonderful sicilian i met in venice is taking good care of me here til friday.  then it’s off to amsterdam for queen’s day to meet the good ol’ regan kline, a friend of mine from texas.  i’m tired just thinking about how next week is gonna be.

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