“i’m blue da ba de da ba di, and da ba de da ba di.”

my last night in munster was great…but in a different way.  there was still partying going down, but it was more like a party you would go to if you were german and you lived there.  it was a birthday party…again, but this time for a woman that is friends with my munster host family.  she turned 50 and there were about 150 ppl from the town there celebrating.  from old to young, everyone was having a jolly time.  the party was catered with a potluck of food and beverages from the guests, so i really got a taste of all kinds of german delicacies.

not many overly exciting stories to tell about this night, however, it was a really great opportunity to see how the german community operates.  and i love it.  i feel at home here.  and that’s because everyone is so damn nice and give forth their best effort to speak english when they obviously don’t have to.  they actually enjoy it because as one said, “we don’t get the opportunity to use english very often, so it’s nice.”  the only people i met that didn’t really speak english were the people that gave me a ride back to my host house.  we didn’t ever exchange names, but when they found out i was from texas, they coined me “whiskey.”  what!  BTW, i wasn’t even drinking whiskey and whiskey is a kentucky thing, not texas.  maybe i just look like i love whiskey.  which i do.  =)  they were in their 50s, jammin’ “blue (da ba dee)” by eiffel 65.  thanks for the ride.

so free food, free booze, free place to stay with a wonderful family with my own guest room.  added to my autobahn blog, this was a weekend i’ll never forget.  and i can’t wait to come back…i now have a soft place in my heart for germany.

danica patrick (julia from autobahn blog) beat her first time from the trip up…and now i’m back in ramstein…planning my next move.  italy…see you in 48hrs.

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