finishing the unfinished…

so…back in the states for a couple of months now after my trip to europe.  figured i’d wait a bit to finish my travel blog to get a genuine perspective on the “transition” back to “reality.”  just hit the 32 mark of my life yesterday, and it feels pretty damn good.  it wasn’t my typical trip with the bests to las vegas’ hard rock hotel, but i had a fantastic day.  i’m getting settled back in with the necessities (i.e. job, apartment), not without a couple of hiccups, but nevertheless, i’m on my feet.  some pretty awesome things have been happening lately. if you were with me a few months back, i talked about how i was wanting to write a cartoon.  and a lot of that stems from the characters/voices that are constantly throwing parties in my head. well, i’ve made a commitment to follow that dream.  i’m gaining proper training in the animation voiceover field as we speak, and a demo will soon follow, and hopefully some experience soon thereafter.  once i get it all mapped out, i’m gonna be putting that cartoon together.  it’s gonna take a little time, so don’t hold your breath, but keep your eyes peeled.  it’s gonna be a reeeeeaaal barnburner, i tell ya.

as far as the music that brings you to my site/blog, i’m working with a couple of guitar players here in austin, trying to see who’s the best fit for now.  i’ve got some really cool songs that i can’t wait for you to hear.  i know i’ve said it before that the music would be ready by now, but hey, recording this stuff ain’t cheap.  i’ll have it dancing in your ears as soon as i can.  there’s been some recent interest by the higher-ups, but until one bites, gotta keep pluggin’ away independently.

since i’ve been back, i’ve looked at things a little differently.  first of all, traveling the world is fighting for the number one spot of priorities.  hopefully, music will take me to all the places i’d like to see, but i’ll get there regardless.  secondly, i was planning on a move to nashville before/during my trip.  something i learned on the trip is how much i’m supported and loved by the friends i have in austin, and how uprooting from that right now isn’t what i want to do.  this is a great city full of great people.  i’ve come to realize that most places all kinda have the same things to do, with a few things that tip the scale in either direction.  but the people that surround you are really what make a place special.  and i’m feeling good about staying here.  for now.

32 is gonna be a great year.  come along and ride on a fantastic voyage…slide, slide, slippity slide, you better be ready when the 5 rolls by.

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