ahhh, prague.

can’t say enough great things about this gem in the czech republic.  it was the first time on this trip i had taken a walking tour, and i’m glad i did.  there’s a ton of history in this medieval, gothic, and post war-themed wonderland.  a river divides the city in half, and the charles bridge that connects both sides has been around since 1357.  and the fact it’s still there and i got to cross it was pretty damn sweet.  anyway, i won’t get too history-involved here, but the czechs have a lot to be proud of…they’re good people.

starting with the bartender at the first bar regan and i went to.  not far from our americanized hostel, we strolled down the street, thru a scary alleyway and found this seedy little basement bar where everyone was smoking, a lot.  and the bartender, well this big guy was awesome.  we sorta got his name as it fell out of his mouth.  just as we sorta understood anything he said.  he was pretty sloshed and we were looking to get a taste of the local flavor, so that’s what he offered us.  we had several bohemian beers (which rival german beer for sure) and then between one of the several high-fives and handshakes (i think he was enjoying our american company), he reached up to the top shelf and pulled down a beautiful bottle of absinthe.  it didn’t look like the typical, over-commercialized bottle, and come to find out it wasn’t.  it was from a distillery of a good friend of his who had been making the poison for about 10 years now.  it was a little known premium brand and it was actually a bit better than most, not that absinthe is ever good.  anyhow, we pretended to understand anything the guy said til it was time to go.  smiled, high-fived, and headed out.  every night was a great drinking experience…and we capped it off with a stop off back here at our favorite prague bar.  we just had to.  received applause from the locals as we drunkenly sang michael jackson’s “man in the mirror” with some ohioans alongside some absinthe and gambrinus beer…god bless.

ate some local czech foods…like broiled beef in some sort of sweet brown gravy, served with bread and carlsberg dumplings, then topped off with whipped cream and cranberries.  what!?  it was pretty damn good too.  for as unhealthy as the food is over here in europe, they don’t seem to have the overweight issue that we have in the states.  but i think i’m gonna look like chet at the end of “weird science” when i get back.  it’ll be worth it.  every damn bite.

regan’s gone now…it was good seeing this part of europe with ya man.  see ya back in the states.

i’m off to poland.

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