Eric Wilson was born in August 1979 in Houston,Texas to small town natives, Belanie and Bill. It was in elementary school that Eric knew he could sing and by junior high, he was nationally competing on a choir team. “The whole family knew Eric was destined for entertainment from his multiple performances on top of the fireplace in his diapers, dancing, clapping and baby-singing George Jones.” -Belanie Dishong.

Choir days were short lived as Eric’s disruptive, class-clown behavior got him thrown off the team. But Eric was funny, well liked, and as his mother said, a natural entertainer. When he was 16 years old, his mom gave him his first guitar for Christmas, though he hadn’t asked for one. After three guitar lessons, he quit.

“I didn’t know much about music. I listened to whatever my dad was listening to.” Bands like Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, Whitesnake, Foreigner (all power ballad driven bands fronted by whaling vocalists wearing lycra, liner and aquanet) surrounded his adolescent ears, but during Eric’s formative years, it was the 90′s, the dawn of Nirvana and grunge, new alternatives to parental pop that struck his fancy. Eric dusted off the guitar Mom bought him months prior, and began to screw around with it on his own. It wasn’t long before he realized, not only that he could play, he could WRITE music!

Wilson graduated at 17 with honors in the top 10 percentile of his class. Attending the University of Texas in Austin, studying business and corporate communication, Eric graduated, put on a tie and went to find a jobby-job. But countless interviews were leading him nowhere. He couldn’t find a position and was hardly interested in the career he’d chosen. One day he walked up to the bartender at a small pub and asked if he could play some songs for his friends. The bartender said, “I don’t care,” and for the next two years, Eric packed the place out, being the first of thousands to play a show at the Blind Pig, now a staple in the music scene in the infamous “dirty 6″ district located in the heart of downtown Austin… home of SXSW. It was then that Eric realized his hobby was to turn into the career he DID want.

Regardless of faith displayed by fans and friends in Eric’s ability, his father, Bill Wilson, questioned the music decision and it’s lack of promise. Eric moved to LA as he had fallen not only in love with a girl living there, but also with the idea of becoming a successful songwriter. During that time, he met up with a producer and made his first demo. A song called “Lavender” quickly became popular and more importantly, changed the mindset of his father. Upon receiving the song in the mailbox, Bill called Eric and could barely spit it out,”This is crazy awesome! I had no idea this is what you had inside you…I can’t believe this is my son!” Bill gave Eric his full support. Eric’s parents are crazy awesome as well…

The romance fizzled out and Eric found that Los Angeles didn’t suit him after a few years, mostly due to “traffic tickets, parking, anything to do with a car… and there never seemed to be a warm night in LA.”

Upon moving back to his home in Texas, Eric recorded his first LP, “The Twenties” (recorded in Dallas at Bass Propulsion Laboratories with the Pipes Brothers, original members of Deep Blue Something) is “an album that captured a lot of the first ‘real’ experiences in peoples’ young adult lives in ‘organic’ fashion. By ‘organic,’ Eric and his producers were able to keep a lid on overproduction.  With the right processing, along with an openness or ambiance, they truly relayed a sense of intimacy.” - Recording Magazine.  That intimacy, along with the story Eric tells in his forlorn, singer-songwriter manner, makes for a very relatable album. Read more about Eric’s accomplishments here…

In 2010, Wilson recorded “Old Me” in Nashville with producer, Chris Grainger, (Wilco, Switchfoot).  “Old Me” is a call back, coming of age track delivered in a promising, poppy manner mirroring Wilson’s unwaning, optimistic view that one can live freely amongst paralyzing worry and regret.

Along with producers Ron Flynt and Walt Wilkins at Jumping Dog Studios in Austin, Texas, Eric Wilson will be releasing his new EP “New Leaf” in March 2013.